The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (2023)

The world cuisine is increasingly developing with numerous delicious, diverse and unique dishes, which is why we have to thank the chefs who are creative day and night to create the dishes.

The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (1)
The 10 most famous and talented cooks in the world

Today, the demand for culinary pleasure for customers is constantly increasing. A meal is not only about joy and satiety, but also about aesthetic, presentation and a high experience.ChefsIt also requires more and more skills.

Cooks around the world have devoted their lives to win this coveted star in order to be recognized for the excellence of their skills.Michelin -Sterne.

Who is the name of the best chef in the world? Here is a summary of the 10 best prestigious cooks that were classified byKnowInsiders.comIn the world, once see who they are!


1. Gordon James Ramsay

2. Alain Ducasse

3. Marco Pierre White

4. Wolfgang Puck

5. Anthony Bourdain

6. Paul Bocuse

7. Emeril Lagasse

8. Vikas Khanna

9. Guy Fieri

10. Pierre Gagnaire


1.Gordon James Ramsay

The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (2)
Gordon James Ramsay

If you are a great admirer of the "master boss US" program, you will not feel strange for this character, a wise and quiet judge, a cook from Scotland. He left home at the age of 16 because his father alcoholic andWas violent with Cayetana.elizabeth Hutcheson and had four sons: 2 daughters and a number of twins.

Once he dreamed and wanted his life to be dedicated to football, but unfortunately he suffered an injury and could not play football.Because he creates a nutritional and balanced dish like a magician who invents a list.

Ramsay has many restaurants: Gordon Ramsay au Trianon Palace, Castel monastery in Tuscane, Maze, Nonna's, ... and in 2009 it is undoubtedly the most influential person in the United Kingdom. In 2006 he received the title "Little Knight" from Great BritainFor his large contributions to the kitchen of the country. In 2001 his restaurant "Gordon Ramsay" has received 3 Michelin stars for the third time and still has this number of stars.

He is also the only cook in the United Kingdom that receives 10 prestigious Michelin stars and has now increased to 14 stars., ... which are very successful.

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2. Alain Ducasse

The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (3)
Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse is a famous French chef who currently has 21 Michelin stars, Breaks Records and the current cook with the Michelinian stars in the world.

It is considered one of the best chefs in the world and has built up a commercial empire over the years, with 36 restaurants that cover the world. He is also one of the few chefs who perform 21 Michelin stars during his career and theFirst cook in a 3-Michelin-Strell-Restaurant in three large extremely occupied cities, London, New York and Paris.

Although it rarely occurs in television programs, the influence of Alain Ducasse has not only decreased, but also a major impact on culinary tendencies. He is also the author of many culinary books and elite publications.

Alain Ducasse follows the philosophy of "Say No A Fheh" and focuses on creating delicious and healthy dishes for customers.In the Schick room: he conquered the "last border" (culinary). Essen).

3.Marco Pierre White

The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (4)
Marco Pierre White

Like Ramsay, he is a British cook whose kitchen in this country is for good chefs as it is highly developed.Record to be the young man the young man received, the star of Machellin, and at the same time his Harvey restaurant in London (1987) also received 2 Michelin stars.

Because of his contributions to British and worldwide cuisine, he is known as a "World Pather". Life: "Life is too short and only aging, it is not young again, fame and unrest make no sense." He is currently working as an advertisement and travelsmany places.

4.Wolfgang Puck

The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (5)
Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck is an Austrian American cook who likes to keep his recipes secret. Always find delicious dishes that combine different kitchens and know how to make harmonious ingredients. Wolfgang Puck is considered the richest cook in history. He learned to cook, andWhen he grew up, he managed to earn a lot of money and constantly open restaurants, and there are about 20 restaurants, 80 Fast -Food joints and many famous recipe books.

He took part in many television programs, founded many advantageous organizations and is a humanitarian social activist. Wolfgang Puck developed American cuisine that combined elements of French, Asian and California recipes with high -quality cooking ingredients worldwide.Best paid cook in the world.

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5.Anthony Bourdain

The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (7)
Anthony Bourdain

After leaving the university, this celebrity chef began his career as a half -periodic dishwasher. He was a well -known rice and food specialist who had already worked in cutting hotels.

He attended the kitchen school in the USA and then worked in several luxury restaurants. He designed a larger image than life in the restaurant industry in New York City and all over the world.

Anthony Bourdain has developed into the status of a Celee chef through his extremely popular television programs such as "The Scayover", "A Cook's Tour" etc.

Bourdain is also the author of several Best -Telling books, including "Confidential Kitchen: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly", "A Cook's Tour" and others.

6.Paul Bocuse

The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (8)
Paul Bocuse

Paul is a legend in France and all over the world. He led many chefs who have launched their own successful brands.

The hotel industry competes with innovation through its innovative hotel concepts, but the kitchen innovation helped the hotel industry.

Paul was an evangelist of the innovation for the food and beverage industry in the hotel industry.

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He is a famous cook that is known for his high-quality restaurants and innovative kitchen and kitchen concepts.

He has all the reasons to reduce speed to 91 years, but many of his students and supporters strive to continue their legacy in the coming decades.

7. Emeril Lagasse

The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (9)
Emeril Lagasse

Chef Emeril Lagasse is a well -known American, restorative and television personality. He is known for his interpretation of Creole and Cajún kitchen as well as for the slogan "Bam!" In their kitchen programs.

The restaurants can be found across the country, from New Orleans from Emerilo to Delmonico Steakhouse in Las Vegas as well as several kitchen books, kitchen utensils and aromatization spices that have their name.

A little known about Emeril Lagas was that he used to be a jazz drummer before becoming a famous cook, restorative and star.

After completing his culinary training session, he established a call of excellence, which included aromas of Creole and Cajún culinary.

8. Vikas Khanna

The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (10)
Vikas khanna

The best chefs are Americans or French, but Vikas Khanna was one of the first Indian chefs who received international recognition. The main restaurant of Junoon in New York City has had a Michelin star since 2011.Khanna also worked with several other well -known chefs.

Vikas Khanna is known for creating the most expensive recipe book in the world. The book was written for a period of 12 years and describes the rich history of Indian cuisine. The book costs 13,000 US dollars and is limited to only 12 copies. PersonalHe celebrates like Queen Elizabeth.

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9. Guy Fieri

The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (12)
Chico Fieri

The American restorer who won the American is one of the most popular and productive personalities on industry television. It appeared in several cooking programs for the food network, including Guy's Big Bit, customers, impulses and dives and minutes to win.

Fieri would have had more than 70 restaurants and 14 brands as well as his television work. If there is no Michelin star, Fieri has different successes to be proud.

Thanks to a new three -year contract and 80 million US dollars in Food Network 2021, he is the best paid cook on cable television.

10. Pierre Gagnaire

The 10 most famous and talented chefs in the world (13)

Pierre Gagnaire is a chef who devoted his life to the winning of Michelin -Star. This is not surprising! After all, he spent his entire childhood in his family's kitchen, which he received so much.Received his first Michelin star for 26 years.

He has not slowed down since then. His most famous restaurant in Paris has been made in Paris three Michelin stars.


At the top of the 10 best chefs in the world over the years. If you have different origins, they come from different countries, everyone loves food and passionately cooking. They cooked their talents into the growing world.

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