16 of the most famous chefs in the world - the next luxury (2023)

At the moment, famous chefs are as recognizable as stars and film musicians. Hidden once to see the work in kitchens around the world, the emergence of television of reality saw the most famous chefs in the world that have become advanced and megastars in front of the camera.

Today, the cooking programs are ten cents per dozen, with people who fit their favorite chefs by preparing their favorite dishes, looking for the best kitchens or screams in competitors in reality shows looking for competitions.

The most famous chefs come from all over the world and are specialized in a wide range of different kitchens. Yeather made an impression in the world of cooking and became a celebrity in themselves. In addition, these cooking instructors show that there are fantastic seeing.

Gordon Ramsay

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Boca -kyGordon RamsayIt can be said that he is the most famous cook in the world. The Scottish businessman currently has seven Michelin stars (he acquired 16 throughout his career) and is so known for his diatribes during the kitchen. He worked in his early yearsAmong some of the best chefs (including Joel Robuchon) and studied in Paris to learn French cuisine.

Ramsay is involved with over 80 restaurants worldwide with its most popular Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London after celebrating three Michelin stars since 2001 so that he was the best restaurant in three older London restaurants. What was really shot for fame for fameits reality.

Series asHell, Like this,Ramsay's kitchen nightmares, Like this,Inferno do Hotel, yThe word fHe converted Ramsey into a good television star. His burning temperament and his ingenious language attracted the audience and transformed their popularity into a media empire. The fan of the Rangers andKitchen teachershort term.

Wolfgang Puck

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After the training of restaurants in Paris and Monaco, Wolfgang Puck, born in Austria, moved to the USA at the age of 23, to start his cooking career. He became part of Maison's restaurant owner and started a kitchen book with recipes that he started in the restaurantUsed, but it wasn't even puck to do it right that things really fell off.

Spago was inaugurated in 1982 and the restaurant soon became a mandatory visit to Sunset Strip.Jedes Year in the world list.

The Puck Empire extends not only to restaurants, with the beautiful rib with a premium catering service and the sale of a wide range of kitchen and food articles. He also had its own show in the food network,Culinary class with Wolfgang Puckand appeared in many culinary television programs, includingKitchen teacheryIron Chef America: Battle of the Master.

Bobby Flay

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The American chef Bobby Fly has been on our television for years. The Association with the Food Network dates from almost three decades, with some of the most remarkable shows from Fly, includingHot grill with Bobby Flay, Like this,Boy knows the grill, Like this,The best I have eaten, yBata Bobby Flay.

Fly has several restaurants in the USA with its best -known Bobby Hamburger.

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Fortunately, Flay decided again to cook again and had an extremely successful race. I even have four Emmy Day Awards in her name and a star on the Hollywood Fame Walk.

Guy Savoy

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Only a few French chefs are just as popular and known as Guy Savoy.Bis in 1980, when he opened Guy Savoy in Paris, his profile began. In 1985 the restaurant received two Michelin stars and turned the family name Savoy.

Since then he has had an enormous success as a chef and businessman, opened several other restaurants in Paris and relaxed some cookbooks. His mentor. A bad restaurant, Guy Savoy, has been appointed "Best Restaurant in the World" for five yearsThe listEmphasis of Savoy's talents.

Giada Lawrence

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When it comes to a woman, Laurentiis Giad is at the top of most lists. The American studied in Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and dreamed of becoming a cheerle pastry from Laurentiis to join the food network.Or has several programs, includingItalian every day, Like this,Paradise in paradise, yGain everything.

Although he has some restaurants, including two in Las Vegas Strip, Laurentiis is best known for her work on the screen. She won three Emmy Awards during the day and also wrote several recipe booksHeimyNights of the week with GiadaCome to first placeLos New York TimesBest -Sellers -Liste.

Heston Blumenthal

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50 beste TV/YouTube -Restaurants

Only a few chefs are as inventive as Heston Blumenthal. Blumenthal is a pioneer of multisensory cuisine, where it is not only the taste, but also the appearance and smell of Essen, and currently has five Michelin stars, as he at the age of 18From seasons Le Manoir Raymond Blanc Aux Quat, he retired after a week. Then he worked on normal work in the next ten years while the art of French cuisine was taught.

In 1985 he finally opened his first restaurant, The Fat Duck, and has not looked back since then. Regular television.

When they approached themselves scientifically, they could create a kitchen niche that only a few others could grasp. Gachas snail, bacon and ice cream from eggs and triple chips.

Chico Fieri

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Purê / YouTube

Have you always wanted to try the taste of the city? Guy Fieri can bring him there. The charismatic chef with love for colorful shirts developed an interest in food when studying abroad in France, but in contrast to many of his companionsFieri not for dinner.

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The popularity of the whitish blonde Fieri fired when he became the face of the Food Network.The next Food Network StaremIn 2006 and received his own six episode show. The reactionAge is the big biteIt was so big that Fieri soon met in several shows in the network.

Fieri has over 80 restaurants, takes part in a variety of brands and even wrote several kitchen books. In 2021 he signed three years80 million US dollarsWith Food Network, it is one of the best paid chefs on television.

Jamie Oliver

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When it comes to television chefs, Jamie Oliver is often considered one of the pioneers. In the nineties, completed cook worked with many big names in the nineties before entering the mainstream with his 1999 showA cook No.He continued with a kitchen book that became a bestseller in the UK and soon found a large fan base.

In the past two decades, Oliver has played in more than 50 television programsJamie Oliver's essence revolution, Like this,Jamie kitchen, yJamie Em CasaAll mass successes, but for Oliver, whose group of restaurants Jamie Oliver, a restaurant brand worldwide, did not always work in 2019.

Despite the failure of his restaurants, Oliver continues to play in various cooking programs and starts cookbooks.

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Thomas Keller

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The current eight -strong boss Michelin, Thomas Keller, is the most decorated cook in the USA. The Californian began learning in several restaurants abroad before reaching his three restaurants with Michelin -Stars, French laundry.Keller's main restaurant is praised and remains one of the best restaurants in the USA and an obligation for those who love a good dinner.

With very respected by his teammates, Keller won more awards than they can make a stick, including the best American cook, the best restaurant in the world (French laundry) and the cook of the year.successful animated filmRatatouille.

Rachael Ray

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Similar to Guy Fieri, Rachael Ray is as famous for his kitchen as his bubbling personality.30 -INY REFLECTIONS, made it a television star. The success of the series caused Ray to sign an agreement with Food Network, where it has been a pillar in the past two decades.

Ray is known for her funny sentences such as "Oh, my sauce!" And "Ave" (extra olive oil) that are part of his attractive one, he has no Michelin star, but Ray won two Emmy Awards during the day.

Marco Pierre White

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MasterChef World/YouTube

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Together with Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White is one of the celebrity chefs og.ruhm as a famous cook did not fit well with White, who gave back his stars Michelin and retired in 1999.

Then White entered the restaurant game and opened several reagents worldwide and also wrote several kitchen books. He also entered the television and was the head of the kitchen fromHell.Master chief Australia.

Rick Bayless

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Rick Bayless/YouTube

As a fan Mexican Essen, Rick Bayless helped to transform people's opinion into the kitchen. Bayless was the moderator of the successful 26 -Match seriesCook MexicansIn the late 1970s, the chef led a culinary cuisine at the age of six in MexicoAuthentic Mexican: Regional cuisine of the heart of Mexico, the Bible of Mexican cuisine.

Bayless not only wrote several other books, but also opened several restaurants that specialize in Mexican cuisine and organizes a high qualificationMexico: At the same time a plateHe won the title "Top boss -Master" in the reality show with the same name and has seven James Beard Awards, which makes him one of the most successful cooks on this list.

Nigella Lawson

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This may be a controversial decision, but it is difficult to have the effects of Nigella Lawson on eating culture.Die Sunday TimesAt only 26, Lawson finally became an independent specialist and wrote for many publications around the world while working on his own book.

How do you eatHe hits the shelves in 1998 and became a great success. Lawson received his first television series,Niggella bitesAnd the rest, as you say, is history. Lawson has been on the small screen for over two decades and organized its own programs and also appeared in reality competitionsTop Boss, Like this,Master chief Australia, yThe taste.

His personality flirts and his occasional cooking attachment helped to include Lawson, men and women. She is very realistic and appears as someone with whom you can speak for hours.

Rick Stein

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Rick Stein Restaurants/YouTube

Rick Stein is a British legend. The famous cook, the restaurant, the author and the television star had a long and rewarding career in the meal. My first trading company converted a small night club into a bistro that became known as "The Marshal Restaurante".

Stein wrote more than 25 books and came in more than 50 television series related to the food with the latest.Cornwall de Rick Stein, focuses on the wonderful district of Cornwall in southern England.

Matty Matheson

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Sterling Munksgard/Shutterstock

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There is a new generation of young chefs who passionately and shapes their own way in the world of cooking. One of them is Matty Matheson. The Canadian celebrity chef is known for his love for living meat and personality, which has helped himTo land concert in the Vice Cooking seriesBocadillos.

Since then, Matheson has occurred in various dedicated cooking programs that can be foundYoutubeHe also associated Benny Blanco's good friend and producer with the web seriesMatty E Benny Eat AmericayStupid cooking showThe chef's drama also plays the leading role and producesThe bearwhich has received favorable criticism.

Alain Ducasse

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The Star chef from Michelin, Alain Ducasse, has 17 Michelin stars, most of every living cook in the world. The French chef runs several restaurants in Paris and has restaurants all over the world, including New York, Tokyo and London.ducasseIn general, one of the best chefs in the world and was responsible for the preparation of Essen for the wedding of Prince Albertandcharlene Wittstock.

It not only prepared food for the real, but Ducasse has also sent itsEating in spaceIn 2015, Ducasse prepared meals for astronauts on board the international space station. If they don't normally cook today, Ducasse still has a great voice in the kitchen that is served in its restaurants.

David Chang

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Leonard Zhukovsky/Shutterstock

David Chang is something that eats food. He is not a hostage for conventions or rules, he does what he wants and helps him to be successful as a famous cook.Preparing the upper class, Chang opened the Momofuku pasta -bar.

Nowadays, Chang has his hands full of juggling with many different roles. During the monitoring of the brand and the Momofuku restaurants, she also organizes a successful podcast.Show De Dave Changwrote some books, contributed to various publications and organized several television series with culinary topics, including Netflix shoesDeliciously uglyyBreakfast, lunch and dinner.

Alex Guarnaschelli

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Lev Radin/Shutterstock

When her mother is a cookbook editor Maria Guardeschelli, it is not surprising that cooking becomes a passion. Alex Denaschelli also happens. Inspired from her mother, Garnaschelli has in several restaurants around the world in places such as France, New York and LosAngeles worked before he became the chef from butter.

The very respected Drenaschelli had its first impression of television work when she was nearby as a competitorIron Chef America.Ready was part of the Food Network and had an enormous success in the camera. She is a long -term judge in the reality competition of realityCutand appeared in successful programsThe worst cooks in America, Like this,Chefs against Contras, Like this,All-Star is the best I have eaten, yGuilty.

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